Latest Illustrations: September 2016

It’s been a busy year! As the fall season begins I thought I would post some of my latest illustrations. I’ve gotten behind — don’t we all wish we had more time? But I’ve finally jumped back in! Hoping to continue working on this series and finish the year strong. Most of the newest additions focus on 3D renderings using Octane Render (which I absolutely LOVE).

Click through for a few of the latest illustrations, or go to the full Tumblr page here:

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Daily Illustration Blog

It’s finally happing. I’ve started an experimental daily illustration blog on Tumblr, creating one new, original illustration a day (

I’ve always loved illustration. Turning the pages of magazines like WIRED and Computer Arts, one of my favorite aspects has always been the beautiful illustrations filling the pages. Until recently I considered myself strictly a designer/media artist. But what truly got me into design in the first place (my early days as a nerd child) was 3D software and Photoshop. At the time, I had no idea that digital illustration could include non-hand-drawn work. I had never imagined my skill set coming together to create imagery in the form of illustrations. Just recently it dawned on me that if I put my professional design experience together with photography, fine arts, and cutting edge software and technology skills, then perhaps something interesting could come of it.

The blog is finally up, and is full of my daily explorations and experimentations into the world of illustration. So far 17 days are posted, but I’m just getting started!

Click through for a few samples:

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Can Scrolling Actually Benefit Your Website?

Over the past year I’ve noticed a common trend among some of my clients: a fear of content being placed “below the fold” on their websites.

For those unfamiliar, “the fold” was originally a newspaper term. In order to sell newspapers, the most enticing articles are often placed “above the fold” to better sell on news stands. In the web world, “the fold” has a similar meaning, albeit a more complicated one. It refers to the content that is visible in the browser window when a viewer first visits a page. Companies want their content to be seen, and making sure your content, selling points, or messaging are seen is a valid concern for any business!

However, these days the fold is quickly losing definitive location or meaning.
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